Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Air force commander

Hi all,

Yesterday we could get away with little or no warm up, as the first 7 minutes of Filthy Fifty (up until the knees to elbows) was a warm up in itself. Today, however make sure you limber up your hips and shoulders and back; so you can move well. It seems like people do their backs in when the weight is light because they under-estimate the total volume. If you've got a sensitive back, I highly recommend you go with the Tiger strand today.

Hopefully you'll enjoy today's workout...because I know I won't....as those burpees come around again and again mighty fast. We usually do a workout called Air Force, but that's just one round for time. That workout also had simpler movements and it seems to be too easy for the fit and absolutely terrible for the unfit. So I thought I would amend the original workout by making it also an AMRAP as well. That way the fit peeps are also punished equally.

Today's workouts:

1) PHOENIX Strand - Air Force Commander


21 Clean and Jerks (40/30kgs)
21 Power Snatches
21 Overhead Squats
21 Thrusters
21 Squat cleans

* at the beginning of every minute, do 4 burpees
* two scores: firstly the time you take to finish 1 round. secondly total number of overall reps, excluding burpees


21 Hang Cleans (Pick Load up to 35/25kgs)
21 Shoulder Presses
21 Back Squats
21 Sit-ups
21 Lunges

* at the beginning of every minute, do 3 burpees

2) Strength - Every thirty seconds for 5 minutes: 1-5 strict toes-to-bar

Monday, October 20, 2014

"Candy Crush"

Good morning!

Thought we'd start the week off with a cracker of a workout - inspired by Jason Khalipa and his crew. Good luck!

Today's workout "Candy Crush"

For time:

Do "Filthy  Fifty"

50 box jumps
50 Jumping pull-ups
50 Kettlebell swings (16kgs)
50 walking lunge steps
50 knees to elbows
50 push press (20/15kgs)
50 plank touches
50 wall balls
50 burpees
50 double unders

then "Candy Crush"

10 Clean and Jerks (80/60kgs)
10 Clean and Jerks (90/70kgs)
10 Clean and Jerks (100/80kgs)

*27min cap applies for the entire workout.
** Clean and Jerk barbell to be set up after Filthy 50.