Saturday, November 18, 2017

partner up

Hi all

Reminder: this morning we are returning to the normal 7am and 8am classes.

Today's WOD "runner"

Partner up

5 rounds

400m run together
40 sit-ups sync
30 wall balls sync
20 burpee box step ups sync

Friday, November 17, 2017

Injured? No more!

MORE good news to share! Yes, it just keeps on coming!

One of the things many of you reported in the recent survey we ran was that you were feeling like you had reached a plateau with your training. There were also a number of you who indicated that injuries were impacting your progress.

To help you overcome this, we announced earlier this week that Chrisco will be running new dedicated skills development classes as from next Thursday, but I'm pleased to also announce that starting on Tuesday 28 November, we will have an Exercise Physiologist, Matthew Donovan (from 'Empower Exercise Physiology and Health' here in Brookvale), coming in to assist our members manage any niggling injuries they may be carrying.

Initially we will be trialling this extra service and if it proves helpful for you, we will look to try have Matt come in once every few weeks.

Matt will be coming in for about 2 hours across the 5pm and 6pm classes on the 28th and will be available to assist members who have particular injuries or are struggling with mobility limitations. Matt will work with you during the class and depending on your actual problem may complete a quick assessment and provide some guidance on assistance work or modifications you could/should be doing to help manage the ‘problem’.

Our intention with this, together with the skills development classes with Chrisco, is to help those of you who feel your training has plateaued or is being adversely impacted by injury, to overcome this and rediscover that sweet spot with your training.

Our primary aim as custodians of the box, is to help you find the improvements in your life you are looking for and in order to achieve this we need to help you overcome any obstacles that are getting in the way.

Appropriate injury management and skill development are 2 critical elements in training which if not adequately addressed, are likely to suck the enjoyment right out of your training.

If you are dealing with any injuries (including lower back, knee or shoulder issues) we encourage you to take up the opportunity to spend some time with Matt and to start working towards knocking them on the head!

We will continue to remind you of Matt's visit over the next week or 2 and will also advise of dates for subsequent visits. There is no need to book for this - simply turn up at either the 5pm or 6pm class. As with the skills development classes, there is also no additional fee to attend.

We are really grateful that Matt has agreed to trial this with our members and if you'd like to find out more about Matt and his approach to injury management, then follow this link

Have a great weekend everyone!

Today's WOD

Hi all

This Saturday the morning classes will be back to 7am and 8am. I need a  bit of decorum as we may have some newbies attending.



5 Push Presses (70kgs/50kgs)
10 Front Squats
15 Deadlifts

Thursday, November 16, 2017


Hey all,

On 24 March next year, the Spartan race returns to Sydney.

Anyone who has done one before can attest to just how much fun they are! They are super challenging but still ‘do-able’ for anyone with a reasonable level of fitness and a willingness to have a go.

I have done Spartan before and loved it and am keen to do another one. I also know a few of you have said you’d be keen too.

So, we are thinking of entering a CFMV team. If you’d like to be involved, please let us know as soon as possible. 

I know March feels like a long way off and that you might be reluctant to commit so far out, but if you’ve done one before and are keen to do another or have been wanting to do your first one, I encourage you to commit early and block out your calendar NOW.

Events such as these are great ways to challenge and test your capability but most of all to enjoy some time with mates having a blast as you conquer the course.

One of the defining characteristics I’ve seen in members of our box is their willingness to push beyond their comfort zone and to take on the seemingly impossible (the recent 24 hour challenge is a great example of this!). Obstacle racing, and Spartan in particular, will push you to do more than you think you are able.

If you need a little more convincing then check out this link -

We’ll start compiling a list of participants on the whiteboard - add your name if you interested!


Today's WOD 

1) Tabata work 

- hollow rock hold
- handstand hold (or plank)

2) Strength: Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5

3) Speed/Power: for time: 

25 cals rower
25 shuttle run sprints
rest exactly 1 minute
200m sprint
25 Toes-to-bar
rest exactly 1 minute
25 burpees
25 pull-ups