Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Seven

Hi all

Today's workout

Michelle asked whatever happened to HERO Saturday workouts? Well here you go! In terms of Hero workouts it doesnt get more iconic than the 7.

"The Seven" (35min cap)

7 rounds of:

7 Thrusters (60/40kgs)
7 knees to elbows
7 Power Cleans (60/40kgs)*(this is normally deadlift at 110kgs)
7 Burpees
7 KB Swings (32/24kgs)
7 Pull-ups

* if the class pumping, please share a barbell with a mate.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Snatch Friday

Hi all,

Internal Box Competition - "3 stripes"

Hi all,

After discussing algorithms; spreadsheets and logistics with Nik D (who is going to assist me with this) - we are going to run an internal box competition - mixed teams of 3. 

The competition will have 4 workouts. Each workout will be released weekly on a Monday. The team will then have until Saturday to complete the workout of that week.

Cost of entry is $10 per person.

Start date: Monday 14th of September.

If you are keen put your name up on the dedicated whiteboard.

NOTE: We've never done something like this before - but I am hoping that it's going to be SUPER-DUPER FUN.

Today's workout


We will dedicate the entire session to Snatches.

Snatch Practice - EMOM, 3 Snatches


CrossFit HQ put this up on their program. I think given the rep count and weight, you ought to be experienced in Snatches before giving this a crack. Thus I have put a minimum weight requirement.

For time

50 Snatches (60/40kgs)*

* minimum 50/35kgs

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Front Squat Thursday

Hi all

Time is the only indication of what matter to us (Jon Acuff).

When you review last month's calendar, does the time you spent doing what you were doing, reflect what is important to you and the person you want to be?

I know there were long periods in my life in which the answer to the above question was clearly NO.

How about you? Do you spend time on what you value?

Oh by the way, I will announce the winner of the Free Month of training later today. It took me three hours yesterday entering everyone's attendance into the system. Sitting at the computer desk really stressed by lower back. So when I went to do squat cleans, it felt really awful. May I never have to sit at a computer for that long again....totally sucks that it negatively affects my squat cleans.

From that experience I've decided to punch into my MindBody App (on my phone) session attendance on the GO. So if you see me punching into my phone - it's to record session attendance.

Today's workout

1) Front Squat 5-5-5-5-5 (same weight across)

2) Goat work - pick something and work on it. For example Bench Press, muscle up etc. Better still combine the two for a nice little WOD 21-15-9 Bodyweight benchpress and bar muscle up. It's up to you!!!