Friday, May 26, 2017


Hi all

Today's Ladder (partner up)


rowing (cals)
shoulder to overhead (40/25kgs)

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Clean and Burpees

Hi all

1) It's open gym at 7pm tonight as I have a Fundraiser launch to attend.

2) Yesterday a friend of Owen decided to skip attending his own high school to attend Owen's high school for a day. That's right he was a truant of his own school, but rather than go to the Arcade Parlor on George Street - he went to hang out with his friends at another school! He was still dressed in his own school uniform and he participated in all the classes with his friends. When asked by the teachers who he was, he had a fine response, which they found acceptable.

I find this whole school crashing hilarious.

Hope you can do something different today.  

Today's WOD

exercise 1 tba
exercise 2 tba

yes we are doing the same format as yesterday, but with different movements.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Events coming up!

Hi all

We have a number of awesome events planned! Here are some save-the-dates to put in your calendar......

Box Activities Coming Up

26th of June  
7pm POP-UP PILATES. This FREE Community Event will be a fun filled evening session to strengthen the core. Everyone is welcome, family and friends at  no cost!

The entire month of July
BOX NUTRITION CHALLENGE. Our popular and effective nutrition challenge will occur in conjunction with Dry July - so if you are in need of assistance to get back on the Wagon, then jump on board!

5th of August
5th - Box Foodie Tour - This year we will head to Cabramatta to enjoy the best of South-East Asian! We want everyone to come along, including kids!

6th - 7th of October
6-7th October - Box 24hour Endure - SanFilippo FundRaiser -

This is going to be EPIC!!!!!!

One wod, every hour on the hour for 24 hours!

Let's get behind this one and push hard!

Today's WOD

Wall balls

you can thank Rich for introducing me to this training concept.