Thursday, October 27, 2016

Bench Press

Today's WOD

1) Lifting

a) 5x3 Muscle Clean
b) 5x4 Push Press
c) 1-1-1-1-1 Deadlift

2) Speed - 500m row for time

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Hi all

Half tempted not to post up this week's wods, given the poor turn out for yesterdays Amrap 40!
A "long wod" once of twice a week is good for the body, so try your best not to cherry pick your workouts. :)

Today's WOD "Artie"

Police Officer Arthur “Artie” Lopez, 29, of Babylon Village, New York, was killed in the line of duty on Oct. 23, 2012. Officer Lopez, a decorated eight-year veteran of the force, was serving on the Emergency Services Unit at the Nassau County Police Department at the time of his death. He kept himself in peak physical condition for the job as a member of CrossFit Merrick in Bellmore, New York. Fran and Cindy were among his favorite workouts.

He is survived by his sister, Charo; and parents, Alfonso and Mirella.


5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups (as in all the way down - cheek to floor push-ups)
15 Squats (as in all the way down squats)
5 Pull-ups
10 Thrusters (43kgs)

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Life Begins at 40

Hi all

"I am getting old and can't do the things I used to do in my 20s".

Our bodies change over time and as we get older we do become more fragile. It takes longer to recover; we can't maintain muscle mass as well as we used to, we stiffen up. For those over 40, little niggles pop up more often.

Nevertheless there's no reason for us to not keep trying to be Fit and Healthy.

Through CrossFit training I have seen people improve. Their bodies function a lot better - in many aspects - cardio, strength, mobility. These things happen for a number of reasons including:

- training consistently and with intensity
- broad and ongoing self-education
- demanding more of oneself

Training consistently and with intensity

Some like to say "doing something is better than nothing". With that rationale people will exercise

- in their homes while mimicking movements on a celebrity exercise video
- in cheap gyms that offer convenience
- in expensive gyms and do retarded exercise movements to the beat of music and/or sideline cheering

One common issue with the above choices is the lack of exercise intensity. No matter how many half squats we do in our living room, it's not going to equal the ground and pound we feel as we exercise a full squat next to another CrossFitter.

Intensity is one of the essential ingredients to improvement; so without it....there's just retarded movements.

Broad and self-education - in regards to personal health and well being; ongoing self-education will help us improve physically.

No longer can we rely on advertisements that use catch words such as low fat, low sugar, hi GI, organic, textbooks, what's taught in lecture halls, what's taught in the past.

Education has to be personal, practical, ongoing, even experimental.

All health care professionals need to be engaged in education which is personal, practical, ongoing and experimental.

Earlier this year when I sought the help of 3 different GPs to help cure my man flu; only one

- took time to find out more about my well being beyond that of my heart rate
- asked about the well being of my family
- offered me alternative remedies....not just anti-biotics
-  advised me to me my body moving

After many years of formal education, surely a doctors prescription should be more than "you have a viral infection, you need rest"? While I don't expect a GP to be a champion fit athlete - I do expect them to have a broad, current sense of health and well-being - so their knowledge is applicable and relevant to me.

I have decided that from now on I will only see a GP who does CrossFit. Because he/she will understand how and why we think and feel the way we do.

The standard extends to all health care professionals.

Demanding more of oneself

Matt Swift of CrossFit Brisbane earlier this year hit a 120kg snatch at the age of 45. Well that gives me 5 more years to hit my goal of 100kgs.

We should always demand more of ourselves. Maybe our lifetime Personal Best lifts and running, swimming times are behind us....but we are yet to establish personal bests for each age category we age into.

There are many physical adventures in life we can engage in. Mountain climbing, Masters Athletics championships, Surfing, Scuba diving etc. There are many sports we can try.

I am excited about riding my new push-bike. There's a few adventures I'd to ride on. This will broaden my exercising and keeps me motivated to stay fit.

What challenge do you want to complete over the next year?

thanks for reading

Today's WOD

AMRAP 40 (teams of 2-3)

500m row
50 triple unders or 200 dubs

One person rows, the other two skip