Thursday, December 8, 2016

Day 9

Hi all

Late night last night watching Nicci do her Ninja Warrior thing. Wow - it was an awesome experience. I don't know how much I can reveal but I will say that I felt so humbled and honoured to be asked by Nicci to not only spectate but also run along side her family when it was her turn. Congrats Nicci on your achievements especially with 3 broken toes leading up to the competition!

Today's WOD

1) Flying V - with dips
400m Run
25 Ring Dips

400m Run
15 Front Squats (70/50)

400m Run
5 Rope Climbs

400m Run
15 Front Squats (70/50)

400m Run
25 Ring dips

2) Bench Press 5x5

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Day 8

Hi all

A reminder tonight that I won't be in the we will have Open gym from 5pm onwards. Nat and I have recieved an invitation to watch one of our gym members - Nicci - compete in the Ninja Warrior event! Woohoo...go Nicci.

Today's wod

1. Snatch


2. Conditioning
"Open 14.4"
60 Cals Rower
50 TTB
40 Wall Balls
30 Power Cleans
20 Muscle ups

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Day 7

Hi all

1) On Wednesday and Thursday NIGHT sessions will be open gym.

On wednesday night, we are heading off to watch Nicci compete in the Ninja Warrior event.
On thursday night, my boy is playing his bball grandfinal.
Apologies in advance for my absence.

2) On Saturday

3pm - we will be a pre-end of year party WOD at 3pm. If you are keen come to the box.
5pm - amazing race is planned....but this is conditional on numbers. If there's only a few people keen, then we will have pre-dinner drinks instead.
7pm - please let me know asap how you are going to pay cash or cc.


DESIRE - Lifting heavy weight, is easier when my body weight is heavy. But I realised that it was a poor reason for being heavy and prevented me from actually being the best version of myself.

SoI had a desire about three weeks to cut down my body weight (81kgs) to my normal 73kgs.

DECIDE - I decided the process should start with my nutrition. So I have cut down my sugar intake and carbs sourced from grains. I don't like dairy products anyway (except ice-cream) that wasn't hard to give up.

EDUCATE - Over the past three weeks I have been educating my mind on nutrition. Brendon gave me an excellent book - "What the Fat" which I have been reading religiously.

CYCLE - All the above has lead me to exercising more regularly and with higher intensity. Trying to keep up with Chrisco is next to impossible but I feel good trying.  I've got about 5kgs to go to make my target body weight. And this should be attainable if the heat and humidity keeps up.

 The cycle of good health started because I simply had a desire and then decided to change.

If you find yourself lacking in the motivation department in regards to exercise....then find one. And find one that works for you.

What will it take for you to have a desire, and decide to change your life? A health scare maybe? To look good in the mirror? To strengthen a weak part of your body?

Whatever it is, find it and it will change your life. Without it, you will just float like a lard in the ocean...tossed to and fro with the wind and the waves - going absolutely no where.

I have come across people who onced trained with us and feel sad that since moving on they've not changed gfr the better one fact a few have become really unhealthy looking. We all have the power but very few do change their nature.

have a great day

Today's wod

1) Front Squat 5-5-5-5

2) For time:

3 rounds of Bergeron Beep Test (7-7-7 Thrusters, pull-ups, burpees)
600m run

3 rounds of Bergeron Beep Test (7-7-7 Thrusters, pull-ups, burpees)
600m run

3 rounds of Bergeron Beep Test (7-7-7 Thrusters, pull-ups, burpees)
600m run